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Season 7

Hey y'all!
When do you think Season 7 is coming out? I read this website ( and they predicted that it would be released in March 2018. However, some people were saying that, as Season 6 did not end in a cliffhanger, there may be no Season 7. But I refuse to believe that! Let me know your thoughts! :)
When Will 'Project MC2' Part 7 Be Streaming on Netflix? On The Line Social Media
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Hej mam pytanie bo na granlandi dodali tylko 20 odcinków serialu Project Mc 2 i gdzie są dalsze odcinki kiedy będa lecieć w disney channel ? Proszę o odpowiedz
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season 6

so season 6 is kind of a roller coaster ride she likes kyle but won't talk to him that is weird isn't it woah
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episode 4 release date

I have been looking everywhere but I cannot find when if ever will the fourth episode be released
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heyy sup? everyone

What`s up everyone? I am from Norway. Where are you from?
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