• 12/19/2017

Season 7

Hey y'all!
When do you think Season 7 is coming out? I read this website (http://otlsm.com/when-will-project-mc2-part-7-be-streaming-on-netflix/) and they predicted that it would be released in March 2018. However, some people were saying that, as Season 6 did not end in a cliffhanger, there may be no Season 7. But I refuse to believe that! Let me know your thoughts! :)
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• 6/11/2018
OKAY! I just finished the show in one day! Less! I’m rewatching as I type! I refuse to believe that there are only six parts to the show. I mean, you can’t exactly call them seasons when part four was one episode that was over forty five minutes. I predict that there might be a totally other show which a continuation of PMc2. I also think that six was the last one with the Go Us montage at the end, but there wasn’t any The End at the end which would’ve been nice as a heads up. A very nice thing to do actually. Now, if NETFLIX COULD FREAKING UPLOAD PART SEVEN! Also, I think that in part one episode three, Xander and McKeyla should have kissed. A brief kiss. One where it’s on the cheek. Specifically, Xander kissing McKeyla’s cheek softly, causing a total AWW from the crowd. Am I the only one who thought that?
• 6/14/2018
I think Xander and Mckeyla should be together, when they kissed (on the cheak) i was like Awwww then i thought that they were going to start dating but she started dating Kyle so i got depress i would love them together💜
• 6/22/2018
Well, Innovate is still running. So there is an opportunity there. More people can still do things. Maybe Devon gets to come back from NY. What would be fun, in my mind, is the girls getting their bird names. Also, we could find out the head of Innovate? Just my mind?
• 7/6/2018
I think I would be stupid to not have a part seven. My main reason is that the show only started last year, and they probably should have done it in seasons which would be good cause you would only need like 3 of them.
• 8/12/2018
I think there is going to be a Season 7/Part 7 because there aren't that many episodes, AND I WANNA SEE AN LGBT+ COUPLE IN THE SHOW!! Like, when is that gonna happen? Lgbt+, please come to us!!
• 9/18/2018
Well its wrong because its now september 2018 so lol
• 9/23/2018
There should be a part 7 because we still aren't finished with Camryn and Zach storyline but none the less I hope that there is a part 7
• 10/7/2018

I love the show and i dont want it to end i want to be like them. But there were only 6 parts and there shoud be more more i hope they come out with a season 7 and mabe even more.

• 10/20/2018

7 could include the other girls getting their bird names.

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