Adrienne Attoms

Adrienne Attoms, commonly called Adri, is a protagonist in the series. She is a secret agent working for NOV-eight and a culinary scientist. She attends Maywood Glen Academy, being a close friend of McKeyla, Bryden, Camryn, Devon and Ember. Adri frequently helps out in her family owned cafe, Cafe Attoms


Adrienne has sleek, brownish-blonde hair and pale skin. She has hazel eyes and frequently wears glasses. Adrienne is never caught without wearing heels. Her outfits, which are mainly pink and white and have a girly-chic vibe, vary from episode to episode.


Adrienne is very intellectual and has a bubbly personality. She often incorporates Spanish into what she says, referring to her friends as 'chicas'. She is extremely caring and loyal towards her friends. Adrienne is a fashionista, choosing to save the world in style and refusing to not wear heels.




  • She participated in the Junior Barcelona Gymnastics Team for 6 years


"Pretty brilliant, huh!"

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