Bryden Bandweth

Bryden Bandweth, commonly called Bry, is a protagonist of the series. She is a secret agent working for NOV-eight and a tech guru. She attends Maywood Glen Academy, being close friends with Camryn, McKeyla, Adrienne, Devon and Ember. Bry is portrayed by Genneya Walton,

"Meet Bryden Bandweth, tech genius! She looooves tweeting and instagramming about rad tech stuff, music, and digital photography — if it’s cool, she's on it. Chill with her, and you’ll believe she’s part computer."


Bry is a chatterbox, often getting carried away with rambling when she is nervous or excited. She is very social, with tweeting and instagramming a part of her nature. Due to her excessive time spent on technology, she is a tech whiz, being able to break into any system, pull apart sound waves and so much more. She also has a tendency to say things in abbreviations, with her best friend Camryn being able to decipher them almost immediately.

Special Skills

Bryden is a brilliant hacker, and capable of infiltrating several previously believed uncrackable computer systems. She can also design complex computer systems, and can text at several hundred characters per minute.


  • Everyday, Bryden takes a yawnstagram, which is a selfie of her waking up while yawning.



"Stand back, I'm trending!"