Ember Evergreen is a main character of the series. She has a green thumb and is a secret agent working for NOV8. She attends Maywood Glen Academy, being close friends with Adrienne, Devon, McKeyla, Bryden and Camryn.

She is portrayed by Belle Shouse and first appears in Season 2.

"Meet Ember Evergreen, earthy scientist and newest member of Project Mc2! Plants are her passion. Her green thumb can transform a desert into a jungle with just one touch and a little Southern know-how. She's a force of nature!"

Ember has pale skin and long, orangey-peach hair. She has blue eyes.


Ember has a welcoming aura, willing to help her friends with their secret mission, even though they wouldn't tell her what they were doing. She is a loyal and caring friend. She sometimes accidentally blurts out secrets, unable to hold them in. Ember is practically one with nature and spends lots of time in her green house. She is very fond of plants, often giving them names and speaking to them.

Special Skills

Ember is an avid botanist, and master of the earth sciences. This includes a knowledge of geology, ecology, biology, meteorology, and agriculture. Apart from McKeyla, she is the most willing member of Project Mc2 to work in unappealing conditions.


"I am a force of nature."

"GG was the only thing tougher than this here diamond."