McKeyla McAlister

McKeyla McAlister is the main charcter of the series. McKeyla is the leader and a spy ( formerly ). Mckeyla is the main character in the Netflix original series project mc2 and she also the teenage secret agent at high school.


Full Name: Mckeyla mccalister Gender: Female 👱 Appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, plae skin and freckles Favorite color :purple Favorite food : frozen yogurts with lots of toppings Dislike : lies, pessimism, humidity, frosting and plain water Mother : the quial Father : unknown Grandmother : unknown Grandfather : unknown Uncle : unknown Aunt : the falcon Sister : maddy Friends:bryden, adrienne, camryn, devon, ember and Addison Boyfriend : kyle Enemies : carson lazarus, retro and justin Seasons apperance : season 1-5 Portrayed by : mika abdalla Born : may 13th 2000 Age:17 Favorite subject at school : science Language: eglish Staus:alive

Appearance Mckeyla mccalister has pale skin, has brown eyes and has long curly brown hair but sometimes flat and in season 3 mckeyla had purple hair.

Hobbies going out on mission,going out on a date and hanging out with her friends and going to her friend adrienne`s cafe.

Favorite color purple

Favorite food frozen yogurts with lots of toppings

favorite subject science

Catchphrases I`m smart get over it

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